3/4Quarter Size - B3 MODEL Package4
    Publish time 2014-10-13 11:04    

SLOEGRIN B3 model sterilization container systems are designed to provide different filtering mechanisms in a single sterilization container according to user preference. Without buying a new lid, the users are able to change the filtering system on the lid.
SLOEGRIN B3 model sterilization container systems can be used with 3 different filtering mechanisms.

Valve system: Valve system is modernized new model of SLOEGRIN Bio-Barrier systems and has the same running principal. This system works with mechanic valve with positive and negative pressure occurred during sterilization in autoclave and can be used minimum 5000 cycles.

B3 model sterilization container systems are manufactured as five different length, width and height. Modular auto lock mechanism (thermo lock) promising sterility assurance and indicator window providing visibility of the indicator card result by visual control without opening the lid are also available for this sterilization container model.

For Auxiliary instruments (basket of auxiliary instruments for rectal surgery, gastric surgery, anal surgery, urological surgery and gynecological surgery)

ackage include:
Outside dimension:475x272x185mm
Inside dimension:422x258x179mm
Outside dimension:477x285mm
Outside dimension:405x253x110mm
Outside dimension:380x230mm